Power days

Address your website challenges efficiently in just one day. Whether you're looking to build a new website, update an existing one, fix bugs, or receive training and support, we've got you covered.

Tailor-Made Magic

Speedy solutions

Your site, your rules. We customize the day to fix, enhance, or supercharge your online presence.


A full day only for you

We chat about your web dreams and figure out the game plan. Our team dedicates a full day to address your website needs comprehensively.


I love it, how do we move forward?

First meeting

We have a meeting or video call to define the necessary functionalities for your project. Then we agree on delivery times for each stage.



You send us all the material agreed upon in the meeting, always in a neat and orderly way 🙂



We present a structure. Once approved, we create design options.



Now we start programming.



We carry out usability tests with real users to evaluate the product through tests that we establish according to each project.


Ready to Roll

Everything is ready. Enjoy it!



The “Power Days” option offers services to address website challenges efficiently in just one day. These services include building a new website, updating an existing one, fixing bugs, and receiving training and support.


The “Tailor-Made Magic” option distinguishes itself by offering customization according to the client’s preferences. This customization allows for fixing, enhancing, or supercharging the client’s online presence based on their specific requirements.


The discussion process involves chatting about the client’s web dreams and figuring out the game plan. This discussion helps the team understand the client’s needs comprehensively before dedicating a full day to address them.


Yes, you can hire more than one “Power Day” depending on your needs. This allows for continued support and assistance in addressing website challenges comprehensively over multiple days if necessary.


Let's work together!

We’re itching to sprinkle some website fairy dust on your business.



Folka accompanied us throughout our growth. It´s the kind of partner you want to have. They always worked fast, giving the results we expected, and always ready to solve any problem that may arise. Good partner, good people and great team.


Tomas Iakub CEO - Simpleat

We started the development of our site and continued working together. Always responsive to any inconvenience and with the best attitude. Their work is excellent.


Denise Fiszerowicz Founder - Papaya

Folka guided us since the launch of our website. We built ideas together, keeping a continuous dialogue. Folka solved our doubts and helped us to understand a world that was new to us, and so we managed to grow to the point of creating a multisite that allows us to export to the rest of the world.


Luz Casco eCommerce manager - Naum