From your administration panel you will be able to manage stock, orders, discount coupons, online chat, payment methods, shipping methods and more.

How do we do it?

Design and structure

We create a design and structure focused on your target so that the store is completely intuitive and attractive.

Front-end / Back-end development

Each project is different, that’s why each one is developed according to its requirements and users’ needs.

Testing and adjustments

We carry out usability tests with real users to evaluate the product for each stage.

We work with

We connect your e-Commerce with the world’s most reliable payment platforms such as PayPal Stripe and others. We also integrate logistics systems such as DHL, UPS, etc.

I love it, how do we move forward?

First meeting

We have a meeting or video call and we define the necessary functionalities for your project. Then we agree on the delivery times for each stage.


You send us all the material agreed upon in the meeting, always in a neat and orderly way 🙂


We present a structure. Once approved, we create design options.


Now we start programming. We build our websites in a way that they adapt 100% to the most used mobile devices on the market.


We carry out usability tests with real users to evaluate the product through tests that we establish according to each project.

Web online

Everything is ready. Your website is finished! We give you video tutorials so you can manage it as you like


Yes, we can integrate any system that has a well-documented API.

We perform only an initial load of products. Then we give you a video tutorial to learn how to manage your store easily.

Yes, absolutely. Our sites are 100% self-manageable.

Of course! We provide technical support to address all queries and solve any difficulties that may arise.

We offer web hosting in a virtual private server (VPS) that includes the SSL security certificate and emails. We also take care of the registration of .com domains.


Folka guided us since the launch of our website. We built ideas together, keeping a continuous dialogue. Folka solved our doubts and helped us to understand a world that was new to us, and so we managed to grow to the point of creating a multisite that allows us to export to the rest of the world.

Luz Casco Responsable de E-commerce - Naum

Folka accompanied us throughout our growth. It´s the kind of partner you want to have. They always worked fast, giving the results we expected, and always ready to solve any problem that may arise. Good partner, good people and great team.

Tomas Iakub CEO - Simpleat

We started the development of our site and continued working together. Always responsive to any inconvenience and with the best attitude. Their work is excellent.

Denise Fiszerowicz CEO - Papaya

Developing my website with Folka was like working seriously with friends. During the whole process professionalism and a warm and personal approach were combined. The result was a site that reflects my work and perfoms perfectly according to my needs. My website is everything I expected and much more, because without realizing it, I have made new friends.

Verónica García CEO - Vero García